Association of Microfinance Organizations

Association of Microfinance Organizations is just has established on January 12th 2016. We are registered officialy our statue on Ministry of Justice at 25-th of January 2016. The Board is composed by 5 persons, one person from each founder. Chairman of Board was elected Sergiu Cozmolici. The founders of Association are 5 Microfinance Organizations: SMART CREDIT, Credite Pentru Toti, Priminvestnord, OK Credit and Ideal Credit. Now have 7 members and we are representing different regions of Moldova: Ungheni, Soroca, Causeni and Chisinau.
The scopes of Associations are:

To sustain development of MFOs (MFIs) in Moldova,
To sustain and represent insterests of members of AOM in relationship with Moldovan and International Institutions,
To contribute to proffesional development of HR of members of AOM,
To prepare and organise trainings for HR of members of AOM,
To contribute to development of standards of serving clients in MFOs,
To search potential partners for financing social inclusion of clients of MFOs,
To contribute to increasing financial competence of population of Moldova,
To contribute to increasing of level of life of population od Moldova,
To help in developing modern and optime legislation for MFOs,
To contribute to developing of Small and Micro Enterprises,
To contribute to economic, social development and european integration of Moldova

The vital necesity of AOM is due to lack of an institution that represent MFIs in Moldova.

WE need:
1. We want to provide 3 trainings to teams of our members in: Managing Credit Portfolio, Risk Management, Funraising,
2. Real dialog with international financial institution for fundraising,
3. To increase institutional role and capacity of AOM by establish office with needed equipment and provide trainings to personal of AOM – accountant, director, lawer, IT specialist and fundraiser.
We aim to increase number of members of AOM by minimum 20 MFO in next 2 years.

We are ready to go further, but we need your support in some funds, trainers and strategy of development.

Sergiu Cozmolici
Chairman of the Board
Association of Microfinance Organizations

+373 691 64 503,
e-mail [email protected]