Our Team

Our Team


- Chairman of the Board is Sergiu Cozmolici; with 20 years of experience in finance and microfinance, including 13 years working for the biggest MFIs in Moldova – Microinvest and Rural Finance Corporation, Sergiu is one of founders of SMART CREDIT.
- Member of the Board, Dr. Andreas de Forestier; native Austrian with experience in finance and management (Creditanstalt – Bankverein, Vienna; Deutsche Bank-Gruppe, Frankfurt am Main, Germany; BAI Banca d’America e d’Italia, Milan; DG Bank Deutsche Genossenschaftsbank AG; Münchner Bank eG, Munich, Germany; BAG AG, Hamm; KEA Gruppe, Hamm).
- Member of the Board, Vladimir Cebotari; former police commissioner in Nisporeni, former head of Agroindustrial College in Ungheni, now agricultural engineering and professor for technological disciplines of the Agroindustrial College in Ungheni.
- Member of the Board, Ecaterina Angheluta, a former director of Milesti village school, teacher of geography and biology, operates as administrator respectively as executive director in compliance with the powers under the law and has the main function of managing daily activities to increase competitiveness and organization development.
- Member of the Board, Gabriel-Cristian Postolache, experienced entrepreneur and CEO, founder of 2 companies located in Romania.
- Chief of Financial Department, Larisa Barbaneagra, has the function to manage and coordinate all operations for recording movement of funds and materials in the organization.
-  Chief of the Credit Department, Maria Braguta, has a sound economical education. As Chief of the Credit Department, she responsible for: deciding on lending, monitoring of the all branched on lending activity, formulating proposals to increase efficiency of personal and products, developing, implementing, reviewing loan products, coaching and leading the team of Credit Department, designing the lending methodology and the credit processes.
-  Chief of the Strategy Department, Tatiana Pavlov, Since the cooperation with KIVA, she was nominated by the board of the company and the executive director as KIVA coordinator, during of her productiv work in our company she shown excelent organizational and strategy skils, and now she is responsible not only for generating proposals of strategy of development and relations with authorities.
- Chief of Risk Department, Natalia Secrieru, with experience as Crestiuc Branch manager, Credit Officer, works for 4 years for SMART CREDIT. Held this position from the middle of 2018. Natalia do monitoring on Credit risk. She is responsible for working of Credit Committees, and checks the accuracy of the system especially for approving of credits.
- Responsible for Recovery Department, Expert in recovery, Svetlana Lazar, former staff member of MicroCredit SCA, with experience of more than 7 years in finance and recovery proces, is responsible for the recovery of overdue loans from beneficiaries.
- Internal auditor, Elina Cotelea, with 20 years of experience in the financial-accounting field, including 17 years as chief accountant in companies with various fields of activity.
10, Nationala street, Ungheni city, phone 0 236 235 50, 0 676 83 368
10, Crestiuc street, Ungheni city, phone 0 236 236 50, 0 677 49 792
20/11, Prospectul Republicii Street, Cahul city, phone 0 677 22 522
28/4, Mihai Eminescu street, Calarasi city, phone 0 244 24 999, 0 677 043 61
1/C, Stefan cel Mare Street, Causeni city, phone 0 621 47 692
1, Iu. Gagarin avenue, Chisinau city, phone 0 22 22 05 92, 0 677 04 343
1/2, Barbu Lautaru Street, Cimislia city, phone 0 241 248 99, 0 677 00 646
13, Independentei Street, Riscani city, phone 0 256 921 11, 0 674 11 677
21/4, 31 August 1989 Street, Edinet city, phone 0 601 70 190
33, 31 August 1989 Street, Drochia city, phone 0 676 44 677

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