Voluntary health insurance



Voluntary health insurance

Health is the most beautiful and valuable gift that nature gives us, and if you acknowledge it, then you cherish and protect your health, and you want to be sure that in many situations you can count on medical assistance.

Voluntary Medical Insurance guarantees you access to high quality medical services if you are an insured customer in case of worsening of your health condition due to an accident, acute illness, chronic disease that becomes acute somatic or injury requiring medical assistance. You will benefit of the best medical institutions in Moldova. It is important that medical programs selected contain medical services that interest you, quality services include outpatient service, emergency medical aid, and hospital services provided in medical institutions.

Voluntary medical insurance is an additional benefit appreciated by the employees of any company, with a significant contribution to their loyalty and motivation, making it one of the strengths of the social package and the common culture of the company.

Voluntary Medical Insurance Benefits:

  • Over 15 years of high voluntary health insurance
  • Various insurance programs that can meet any customer requirements
  • Customer participation in voluntary medical insurance program development, determining the types and amount of care required as well as the medical institutions
  • Affordable Insurance premiums and provide significant discounts to companies according to the number of its members.
  • Collaboration with the most advanced and famous medical institutions in Moldova
  • Unlimited number of healthcare applications
  • Payment of compensation in short term
  • High Quality Healthcare
  • The right to choose the medical institution
  • The most advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies
  • Permanent quality control of medical services provided to our customers by the insurance company


  • complex medical care (outpatient + inpatient)
  • Curative Dentistry
  • Payment of prescription drugs in the outpatient service
  • Complex medical care for insured children
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